05 February 2016

Journey of the Soul: From the Perspective of 5D Andromedans from Zenatae ~ Alex Collier

Vladimir Kush
This is retrieved from some notes I took when I was listening to an earlier webinar by Alex Collier ~ I can't be sure but it could be the one from October 2015. Since this wasn't a free webinar, I do have some hesitance sharing this, and in the (unlikely ~ since this isn't a major blog) event that I'm asked to delete it, I will do so accordingly.

I felt this was something that would aid our understanding of our Soul and help us see the Bigger Picture. It's not information that is entirely unfamiliar to those of you reading this ~ rather, it further underscores the Universal perspective of our purpose and ultimate "destination".

Additionally, I feel that the first point below can basically be used as our Intention right now for our own Ascension ~ creating and acknowledging our purpose to ascend/return to Timelessness.

You can rent Alex's webinars or access other resources at his site.

Journey of the Soul

  1. Stating the Intention: Creating and acknowledging your purpose to leave Timelessness.
  2. Initiation: Preparing your Soul, your Self, purifying and centering your Being.
  3. Surrendering: Letting go of control. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable, leaving behind what you know.
  4. Embracing Physical Form: Walking into the Unknown
  5. Wandering in Time: The Soul, through experience, gathers its Tools of Transformation.
  6. Becoming the Light / Flame: Consciously connecting with Spirit of All That Is, becoming truly responsible in meaningful relationship, and discovering and becoming Empathy.
  7. Learning to be of Service: Being able to truly see the illusions of Separateness, being Humility and Joy, teaching by Being.
  8. Transformation: Observing, listening, being still....all in silence. Creating the Being that is One and changing your vision of Self that alters all perception.

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