06 February 2016

Lisa Transcendence Brown Energy Update ~ 5 February 2016

Source: Lisa Transcendence Brown

Aloha Light Family,
The activation of the Divine Three Fold Flame last week has pushed us all to balance our Divinity more than ever now. Our Sacred Heart Essence and Power are undergoing fine-tuning like never before.
It takes total observance and presence to truly understand what is occurring as energies increase, decrease, blast and oscillate between activations continually now. Our determining factors are a myriad of things. Navigation and utilizing tools of Mastery allow us more ease in trying energetic times. 
This union, or marrying, of our Divine Aspects is challenging as we all now further focus on balance of nurturing ourselves fully while fulfilling our purposes here and continually birthing the new.
The entire journey as a multi-dimensional Light BEing is one of balancing energies, aspects and physical realities all in the same space through Mastering the energy of all just by being, allowing, doing and taking responsibility as Source Creators here.
When we find things challenging, this is for a reason. We are being shown to step back and allow flow to be restored and do whatever we see from inside is necessary to facilitate this shift in our own physical reality world.
For me, this week, I had to say "stop" and let all go and do what I remind others to do, honor me and my physical too. I tend to stay in full-blown work mode, assisting everyone else and I am "always okay". Yet there are times when it gets to be too much, especially when the outside world starts "screaming at me". Now, because we "hear energetically" and these frequencies magnify the distortions so that we can see, it only takes a few things being "off". Everything is "loud: energetically when it's out of tune. When things are in-tune all is subtle, soft and in flow. The stronger we are the louder the outside needs to be to get our attention. 

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