03 February 2016

List of ET Races ~ Alex Collier ~ 1 February 2016

Alex Collier is one of the very first sources (if not the first) who "introduced" me to the Draconian and Reptilian races, and their control of Humanity (it was an eye-opener, to put it mildly). That was some years ago when information like that was quite hard to come by. One of the topics he wrote or spoke quite frequently about is the list of 22 ET races that were involved in some way or other in the genetic make-up of the Human Race over the eons of time.

Now that he's back in the limelight, Alex has re-introduced this list in his website. You can read it here. The Ciakar are the Dracos. Also please note that Alex has identified, through his Andromedan contacts, the Nibiruans as a race (Anunnaki); Cobra has categorically stated that Nibiru does not exist. I don't wish to create any contention, I'm only posting this for those interested ~ whether the information is accurate is something I'm not in a position to qualify.

There's also a transcript of an interview with Patte Purcell from some years back, when exactly I'm not sure but the document is dated 1998. You can read it here.

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