06 February 2016

Living the New Now ~ Kara Schallock ~ 5 February 2016

Source: Soulstice Rising

We are definitely in a whole New space (I know I keep saying that; we keep evolving). I know you feel it. We’ve been inundated with one solar event after another and this is not to stop, but intensify with each day. On February 8th, we have a New Moon, which further helps us evolve in our New Now. And we continue to have a five-planet alignment for a few more weeks to further empower the energies. We sure are feeling it, aren’t we? If you can go beneath the surface of how you are experiencing all of this, you will see old beliefs, patterns and other old energies making their way to the surface in order to make room for more Love and more Light.

Yesterday I had an amazing experience with someone in which their Light Body enveloped them. Their Light Body showed itself as a beautiful bubble of liquid Light. It was amazing. I imagine that as each clears, their own Light Body will do something similar. Just remember that each experience is different and unique for each person and can only occur when a person is clear of old energies and programs. Once clear, it is important not to go back into acting in the old way. Everything must shift, so stay in the Moment, for it is only in the Now Moment that you will discover your next steps in the New Now.

You may notice lots of phenomena that are not of the 3D senses. The Veil is either gone or thin (depending on where you are in your Ascension). What you may describe as miracles (really, so-called miracles are becoming commonplace in the New) occur rather frequently. They may appear as strange and beautiful lights or timelessness or in other ways. Be an observer so you don’t attach to the phenomena, for then you tend to stop your current flow. Many are receiving high dimensional Light Codes, so watch for symbols in your meditation or dreamtime. There is nothing to do, but observe, for the Light Codes know what to do and where to go.

If you experience other phenomena (many label these as “ascension symptoms”), just observe without the old 3D need to know what, why, how, where, when or who it is. It all is simply a part of New Life. Also realize that while so many speak of a 5th Dimension Gaia, which is limiting, we are multidimensional, so the dimensions on Earth are varied and shift constantly. It is an old human desire to label and put things in a linear box. We are stepping away from anything 3D and each person’s Opportunity is to open up as each takes a big step in more Awakening.

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