26 February 2016

Omnec Onec ~ Healing Conversations with Lauren Galey ~ February 2016

A quick check on my blog tells me that the only time I featured Omnec Onec was in 2012. I had gone through quite a few of her videos before I properly started this blog, only to learn along the way that she had suffered a severe stroke in 2009, requiring intensive recuperation over the following years. It's very heartening to know that she's back in public, albeit much less than before.

I'm posting this interview not so much for those who are already familiar with Omnec's work, but more for those who are interested in information presented from her perspective. If you search through youtube, you'll find that she also has several videos from workshops held some years ago, many of them in Germany.

Or you could search her own website for more resources.

For those who wish to listen, please go over to Acoustic Health to access the audio. The same page also has Omnec's special offer for some audio downloads.

Some topics covered include:
  • Omnec's account of how she came over to Earth, initially staying at a Tibetan temple to acclimatise to physicality, and then later on going over to USA where she "switched" lives (not walk-in) with a girl called Sheila Gipson, the official name that Omnec took
  • Why Planets are hollow (torsion fields or creation), just like crystal geodes are hollow
  • Earth's two moons
  • Her connection with Marina Popovich, the Russian cosmonaut
  • Her appearance on Jerry Springer Show
  • Emphasis on the importance of Love
  • How important it is for us to become aware of our true identity.
 Special mention must be made of Anja Schafer ~ she has made it possible for Omnec to resume her mission.

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