02 February 2016

Personal Update ~ 2 February 2016

Higher Dimension

It's been quite a while since I last wrote a personal update. This is due to so many reasons, one of them being the time(less) factor. We are experiencing the contraction of linear time more and more as Mother Gaia's frequency rises at a frenetic pace. I couldn't help but think that I shouldn't have put away my 2014 Christmas tree, because it felt like barely four months had passed and I had to help my daughter put it all up again for 2015 Christmas.

Time (or timelessness) aside, although there were quite a number of things I had thought of writing to share ~ I had actually written quite a few pages of notes ~ ultimately, I have nothing sufficiently important to say. I find that the same applies for much of the messages or information that I go through daily....very little seems to matter, in the bigger scheme of things.

For now, what truly matters is what I do with each conscious moment ~ each Now moment ~ because at the end of the day, what I do....what each one of us does....is what makes the greatest impact. And for me, that would be working on my own individual process and doing what I can to help the Collective Consciousness.

Flowing with the energies of 2016 ~ which feel distinctively crystalline ~ I feel that many of us are deep in our own transformational process. We are increasingly feeling the deepening disconnect from a 3D world that is growing more distant as the moments go by. Based on the feedback I get, many of you are busy in the higher realms doing what you do best, working towards the collective Ascension process. And at the same time, many are also spreading their awesome energies, acting as transducers or amplifiers of Light, or living life from a Heart-centred consciousness. The accounts that I get are nothing short of spectacular! Thank you to all you amazing Souls!!

So that's my personal update for today....about nothing much, and of nothing significant :)

I will end with this, though ~ it's all up to us, what we do each moment as an individual, or as a group. External factors will of course play a huge role when the time comes, of course. But right now, we need to make each moment matter.

Namaste :)

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