28 February 2016

Personal Update 28 February 2016

Simple Capacity
** Text: I have a Plan. Do you trust me? ~ The Universe **

I will get straight to the point. Several things that I've read or heard in recent days via emails and in Cyberspace have depicted a scene that I would like to write about. Many are saying "(Name) said (something) would happen (date) but it hasn't", or "When will (something) happen?", and there's general confusion over conflicting information. When a certain source releases "good" data, there's much rejoicing; when the same or even other source comes out with "bad" information, spirits plummet.

Like a frail sampan in the turbulent waters of data waves crashing against it from all directions, we have allowed ourselves to be buffeted by these torrents without being safely anchored by a strong connection to our inner core.

If you've been with my blog for long enough, you will know that it's to do with Ascension. I share information that I feel may be able to benefit others in some way with their Ascension process, as well as how we can be of service to Mother Gaia and Humanity's collective Ascension. I look at all of it as a spiritual process, a great Cosmic shift to the next evolutionary level. In the bigger scheme of things, forces of Creation are crafting out the tentative and fragile wefts a new Cycle, as they have been doing since the very beginning, Cycle after Cycle after Cycle.

In this regard, I will quote the following from Cobra's latest interview (and that's the only name I will mention), in response to a question if The Event can occur even without 144,000 participants:
 "The Event will occur regardless of what we do. We are just doing whatever we can to speed up the process and make it easier for everybody. But the Event does not depend on what I do or what you do."

And this, when asked if there's such a thing as ascended Dragons:
"There were certain entities of the Draco population that are working on their ascension and are quite close to this. They haven’t reached that yet, but when the Event happens, this will be a great spiritual impulse and some of the Draco population will reach their ascension."

We do what we can to accelerate the transition. The more prepared Humanity is when The Event occurs, the smoother the transition. This is what EM Ibrahim Hassan and Blue Solara have been stressing repeatedly for some time now. The Event/Blue Pulse will happen....we just need to ensure that we're ready.

How prepared are we?

Ultimately, Mother Gaia has her own Ascension path, just like the rest of the Cosmos. Even the Dracos are working on theirs! I don't mean to sound rascist but that was a real eye-opener to me. If some Dracos are on the tipping point of their own ascension, then we as awakened Humans should also be there en masse.

Our ascension process is between us and our own Divinity / Higher Self (whatever term you choose). We cannot, and must not, allow anything or anyone else to adversely affect it. Being in the throes of negative emotions ~ such as blame, anger, vengeance, prejudice etc ~ would strongly hamper our progress. If we are supposed to be elevating our consciousness and vibrations, having lower density energies and creating negativity won't get us there in a hurry.

Our own inner core and connection needs to be so strong that even if we discover tomorrow that everything we've read or learnt is misinformation/disinformation, we can still put one foot ahead of the other and continue along our own path. We need to avoid getting too invested in the "Truth Circus" out there or else we'll be at the mercy of those data waves. By the way, I'm referring to both channelled as well as non-channelled messages ~ as far as I'm concerned, there's much distortion in both. We need to remember that the dark has had thousands and thousands of years of "practice" in what they do, which they have done excessively well (please notice the past tense); we, on the other hand, have had just mere decades at most to become aware of the extent of their control.

Please know that I'm not advocating that we become hermits and sequester ourselves somewhere isolated. This is definitely not the lifetime where we turn our backs against Humanity and go it alone. This lifetime, we must be in service, in whatever manner that best fits our own abilities. This is what our mission is all about.

So let's do whatever we need to do to strengthen that connection with our own Divinity, work on our own Ascension and help the Collective Consciousness build up the momentum to move closer to the goal-post.

See you at the meditation later?

Thank you and Namaste!

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