05 February 2016

Q&A with Cobra and Rob Potter ~ 26 January 2016

For those who have been waiting, January's transcript and audio of the above interview are now available at The Promise Revealed.

There are several relevant topics that are covered in this session, so do please go through it if you would like to have a clearer picture of what's going on.

Cobra gives some excellent information about the Cintamani stone in particular and crystals in general. If you are keen to read more about how to use the Cintamani, and if you've not read it yet, EM and Blue Solara's article can be of great assistance. They also echo Cobra's data about Angelic Beings connecting with such stones; Cintamani stones are associated with Sirians.

Cobra also urges us to keep up with the Weekly Event meditations, as well as the Europe meditations. His parting words also seem to indicate that something super major is brewing behind the scenes (punctuated by him being very quiet in recent weeks) ~ all the more for us to continue with the meditations and do whatever we can to assist in the Liberation and Ascension process.

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