02 February 2016

QHHT Session: Client Gives Earth Update ~ Suzanne Spooner ~ 1 February 2016

There were some interesting points in this QHHT session which helped re-affirm the future we're fast heading towards.

The client's High Self was working to increase the connection between her two brain hemispheres; this would enable her to connect with her Higher Mind and Divinity, allow more clarity and focus and align her with Unity Consciousness thinking. This information resonates with what I've understood so far about our brain, where the two hemispheres are once again being "merged" to allow the brain to function as a whole, as opposed to left vs. right-brain function. Apparently, this divide was genetically engineered so that our brains could be more easily manipulated into predominantly right-brain left-brain (thank you to Aliyah for pointing this out ~ and I was trying so hard to stay present when I wrote this!) functioning (logic, "facts") and we are therefore more pre-disposed to reject esoteric or spiritual concepts.

The High Self was also able to see a future where we co-exist in a higher vibration of experiencing Oneness. We are also told that the current phase we are going through now is one of massive healing "that may be disguised as other things"; and that much is being resolved.

Please listen to the recorded extract here; some additional information has also been posted by Suzanne.


  1. You accidentally reversed the hemispheres' functions: the LEFT brain is the one that is occupied with logic, facts and data. The RIGHT brain is the side that is image-based and holistic: "spiritual."

    1. Ugh....I actually told myself to get this right as I was typing it, and I still got it wrong! Sometimes I can't even seem to string a decent sentence together :D Thank you, Aliyah....Blessings