09 February 2016

Reverse Programming and Language ~ Untwine ~ 8 February 2016

Source: Recreating Balance (includes a video by Cullen Smith)

One of the most central mind control pattern has been to simply reverse everything and get people under the illusion that bad things are good, and good things are bad, that they love hate and hate love, at least on a subconscious level. This pattern has gone so far that at this point most people don't even realize how much it affects them.
The most obvious place to encounter this programming is in the movie business. Horror and other dark occurings are presented in a cynical way and considered to add interest to a story, in fact it has become quite unconceivable to imagine a story without these things, it would seem boring and useless. In this context seeing pain on the screen (and then in real life) has become funny, and loving and peaceful attentions become ridiculous.
This deeply affects people's sense of imagination and therefore also their choices and what they manifest as creators. This enforces a Stockholm syndrome where people think they love their enslavement and lives of suffering, or at least agree to it to some degree.

This has disconnected people from what a normal life in connection with Source/creator really is. Imagine a life where suffering is not part of a good and fulfilling adventure. Where everything that is needed is being unconditionally given moment after moment, generating an unlimited spiral of evolution in happiness and bliss.

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