18 February 2016

"Semper Candeles" is the Rally Cry of the Light ~ Gaia Portal ~ 17 February 2016

This made me think of "Semper Fi", the rallying cry of US Marines. Meaning "always loyal" or "always faithful", the full term is "Semper Fidelis". Following this thinking, "Semper candeles" may mean "always luminous", "always shining" or "always with Light".....a suitable rally cry for the Light.

"Corpuscular" could mean the discrete particles of Light, as defined by the Corpuscular Theory of Light.

My opinion only :)  At any rate, I'm sure we are all prepared and eager for "the next phase", as specified in the last line of this message.

Source: Gaia Portal
“Semper candeles” is the rally cry of the Light.
Migration of Cosmic Higher Elements nears completion.
Illumination of surface anharmonics brings the smoothing.
Corpuscular movements have aligned.
Gaia girds for the next phase.


  1. adoringly smart and educated analysis and interpretation - you ROCK (the boat), beloved Grace :)

    1. Aww....thank you, Lee ~ your kind words are much appreciated!
      Love and Namaste :)