03 February 2016

The Chemtrail Rash and the GMO Tan ~ David White

Gavroche ~ Angel Fire
In need of an effective boost to keep you going? Read this brilliant poem by David White!

Woke up to wake up, my eyes widely shut
The coffee smelled putrid, the hallowed was smut
I struggled in memory of all that had been
Attempting to reckon on where to begin

For somehow I knew that a mission was here
Somewhere between what was fuzzy and clear
The mem'ries were there but seemed more from a dream
Somewhere were others here too from my team

But how could I find them to open the plan
I had a chemtrail rash and a GMO tan

I felt that the goods here were not what were sold
Not the seed garden of which we were told
With all the dark forces we had to contend
How could we possibly grow and ascend

We came here to learn how to master our fate
Not to earn master degrees in our hate
A shining epiphany came into mind
The main mission here was to learn to be kind

But how could I ever become such a man
With a chemtrail rash and a GMO tan

The sense of betrayal was hard to let go
The notion of equity not in the show
Where to begin to sow action humane
Where would it grow and without any rain

Where was the guidance and where was my team
Where was the Source from which everything streamed
Slowly I realized the plan must have stalled
Had I missed the squad; was an audible called

How could I manage to locate my clan
Having chemtrail rash and a GMO tan

Searching and seeking through all of the folks
Dodging the jeers and the thorns of the jokes
I found it obscure that my mission could be
To live as pariah for others to see

But maybe an outcast could only detect
The folly not seen from those in the sect
Perhaps to work thinking from outside the box
Presented the key to open the locks

But how would I manage to open that can
Having chemtrail rash and a GMO tan

Slowly by actions of those with intent
Who brought forth a friction against what was bent
I managed to overtly notice allies
Openly causing a shift on the rise

The team and the mission began to take form
From everywhere Lightworkers started to swarm
It wasn’t too long ‘til our forces stood strong
Ready to be what we were all along

United we managed to foment our plan
Fueled into action as Renaissance Man
Using chemtrail rash and our GMO tan
As our waking incentive to be what I AM.


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