26 February 2016

The Event Called "Disclosure" : Message from Maitreya through Elizabeth Trutwin ~ 22 February 2016

Some personal notes first about names, terminology, definition. Different terms used by different sources to mean the same thing, or the same word used by different sources to mean different things. That's what I feel is causing confusion sometimes. At other times, the understanding of a concept or situation differs, depending on the angle or level of perception. Of course, there is always the possibility of simply wrong information, whether through misguidance or outright disinformation. Solution? Be guided by your own wisdom, always.

In this message, there is quite a bit about Nibiru. I post this not to create confusion or cause aggravation ~ please use discernment or simply move on. I have stated several times before that what some call "Nibiru", others call "Planet X". It does not necessarily mean that those who use the name "Nibiru" are advocates of Sitchin's work/misinformation/disinformation. On the contrary ~ it has been largely said to be a planetoid ship, associated with Mother Sekhmet.

With all that said, here's the recent message brought forth through Elizabeth Trutwin; it is well-worth the long read, replete with helpful images.

Source: Cosmic Ascension
About Kalki Maitreya: Maitreya is an Earth incarnation of the One in the Holy Trinity or the Great Trinity [God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit] This is also the same thing as what is called Mother Father God. It too is referring to the Trinity. There is no such thing as a Prime Creator and anyone using that term is a false channel. Creator manifests both divine feminine and divine masculine. Following false channels by allowing that information into your ego holds you back from Ascension because your ego reinforces wrong information in your memory which locks you into a place where you destroy yourself. In Hindu Traditions Father God is known as Narayan and Mother God is known as Lakshmi. They always incarnate on Earth together and have incarnated 24 times in all of Earth’s Creations of which there have been 5. When they seem to be missing from Earth, they are still present existing at Middle Earth. Hindu teachings say there have been 9 incarnations and that is wrong teaching, “holy” men who rewrote the Veda to hide the Truth from the people in ages past. Narayan has incarnated as Maitreya, Buddha, Krishna, Rama and is also known as Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. This is a very BIG story and it unfolds inside of you as you do the Inner Work and one day you will remember the histories and how it fits together. When Buddha was born he was Hindu, just as when Jesus was born he was a Jew. According to Hindu and Buddhist tradition, Maitreya is a bodhisattva who will appear on Earth in the future, achieve complete enlightenment, and teach the pure dharma. “Buddha had also spoken of these three Powers: “I will send you Matraiya.”Matraiya means”three types of Mothers”— Matain, Ekritya, Matraiya. People did not understand what Matraiya was and so called it Maitreya. Matraiya can only be in Adi Shakti simultaneously. Christ must have called this Shakti the Primordial Mother, but the one who edited the Bible called Her the Holy Ghost because he hated women and did not believe that a woman could do such a great work. So he described the Holy Ghost as a dove who will be the Messenger of Peace. Nowhere it is written that this dove or Holy Ghost is a woman. In the Indian Shastras She is described as Sahasrare Mahamaya, meaning that She will be in the form of Mahamaya. People will not recognize Her, and you have to get your Self-Realization to recognize Her. All forms of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit also have Twin Flames – an Example in India is Vishnu/Lakshmi, Shiva/Parvati, Brahma/Saraswati ) In some Buddhist literature, such as the Amitabha Sutra and the Lotus Sutra, Maitreya is referred to as Ajita. Kalki Maitreya is an emanation of Brahma as we begin the Satya Yuga at New Earth, new creation. 

Greetings! This is Maitreya, through Elizabeth Trutwin, Snow Full Moon, February 22, 2016. In this Full Moon, the last before Spring in the north, the Sun shines a spotlight on a Full Moon and our ego minds allowing all that lingers in the shadows to come to the surface. This can cause accidents, illness and even death. You can see examples all around. Reflect in this very special period and detach, allowing your Inner Child to heal. Go back to your conception and review everything coming forward, sorting and releasing the old programming. Take time over the next three days to do so in preparation for the most challenging month all year: March, leading up to the Equinox and Easter Season an open window for a formal Disclosure from governments of the Extraterrestrials engaging the human race on Earth.

In this Full Moon we are healing the 3 rips in the Space Time Continuum of the Milky Way Galaxy. These were the times when trauma caused your ego to obtain and your DNA to retain the programming and that, my friends, is the original sin, seeing yourself separate from Mother Father God. Your DNA is capable of holding all the memories from every lifetime you have lived and if Ascension is not obtained before death then the old program carries forward to the next life. Core issues can be ‘I Am Not Good Enough,’ ‘Nobody Loves Me,’  or ‘I Must Always Be Right.’ Take time now and visualize a small version of you. Invite this little person up on your lap. Give your Inner Child a hug and explain why it is safe to do away with all the broken recordings now. Every one of you is a Child of the Sun. The Full Moon period carries the light of Source Energy, of Sol and your Moon Luna to heal all and reconcile all your karma. We are ending duality now. There is no way out now, you alone are responsible for your own Ascension and must do it alone by accomplishing completion of the Inner work.

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