11 February 2016

The Great Third Wave ~ Thoth via Tim Whild ~ 9 February 2016

Source: Tim Whild

This year has already covered more energetic bases than the previous ones and it’s only February.

Time moves swiftly now with no separation between the past, present and future. It is all available simultaneously and simply depends upon which way you are looking.
The previous paradigm has now become interesting reading in the Great Hall of Records. We recently entered Wave Three of the ascension process and our year is accelerating with powerful waves of light sent from the Great Central Sun.

When Helios speaks, the codings for our next step is sent from the 9th dimension and processed through our own ascended Sun. This allows it to be stepped down into a form we can spiritually metabolise,  and many of you will recognise the ‘ringing ears’ that herald the arrival of another one.

There have been many of these higher waves in the last five weeks. There is roughly a 48hr integration, or rest period, before the next one starts so it doesn’t leave long to rest and recover.

All soul groups have started to find their places. The intensive training and recalibration period is slowing down. This is allowing teams of highly trained individuals to step forward to do what they incarnated to do.

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