13 February 2016

The Secrets of the Crystal Skulls ~ Judy Satori with Lauren Galey

Amar ~ Crystalskulls.com
I can't remember when this aired. This session is a little over 2 hours in length, and you can access two audio options on this page of Acoustic Health.

This is Judy's message for the show:
I am told that the crystal skulls found on the planet are 'markers' in time, giving insight of what is to come forward for humanity. In ancient times the skulls were transported to various locations on Earth to be found by certain individuals at a prescribed time...NOW...the past 100 or so years. The reappearance of the skulls was designed to take place after the industrial revolution and together with the rapid acceleration of human technology and scientific knowledge and ability.

We will be joined on the show by beings from the Stars to discover and explore what secrets the crystal skulls hold for us today and how we might tap into and utilize their wisdom.

I'm adding my own highlights below:
Judy Satori is overlighted by the Star Council of Creation of the diamond-shaped local group of 22 galaxies, which includes our Milky Way.

These Crystal Skulls hold the energy consciousness of the vibrational frequency of the 12 Guardian Races who were involved in the upgrading of the Human template. They are marker points, to be found and eventually come together, when the time is right.

12 Skulls have been found, although two of them are being kept secret. They were found primarily around the Equatorial regions, having been placed there in the ancient past to help stabilise Earth until 2012, when the Planet shifted into higher and faster pulsating frequencies. These Skulls are connected with Lemuria and Atlantis, and therefore contain the Star Knowledge of their origins.

These are the names of the 10 Skulls:
Amar, Mitchell-Hedges, Sha Na Ra, Ami, ET, Max, Synergy, Einstein, Mayan and Mahasamatman. Judy had identified the other two secret Skulls in Light Language.

Legends tell of 13 Crystal Skulls. Judy confirmed that when all 13 are found and placed together in formation(12 in a circle, with the 13th in the centre) Humanity's Shift will occur. Although there is an actual 13th Skull located within Amenti in Inner Earth, Judy explained that it can also represent us ~ we can connect with these 12 Skulls with us being in the centre, through conscious intention.

We can attune our own Pineal Gland and connect with the Skulls since this gland is our own crystal antenna. In fact, our own mind and consciousness are akin to these Crystal Skulls. Additionally, if we have our own crystal skull, we can attune them to connect with the Crystal Skulls.

Judy also delivers a number of transmissions, including one to clear our Pineal Gland and another to connect with Amar, which has the energy consciousness of Mintaka Orion, home of the Elohim.

The 12 Guardian Races are:
Lyra, Vega, Betelgeuse, Mintaka Orion, Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Venus, Andromeda, Aldebaran, Canis Major and Fomalhaut.

"With the Power of God that I Am, I connect with my receiving mind, my Pineal Gland, with the energy and information of the 13th Crystal Skull within Amenti."

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