18 February 2016

The Truth About Zero Point Technology ~ Adam Trombly with Celeste Adams ~ 2002

** Text: Ere (before) many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by power obtainable at any point in the Universe. It is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of Nature. **

We all know the tragic account of Nikola Tesla and his attempts to deliver free energy to a world that was way past overdue its needs for such resources. Repeatedly thwarted and beaten down by the control system which consistently ensured that free energy never made it into our daily lives, Tesla died penniless, his name erased from textbooks for decades to come.

I don't get to spend as much time as I would like on the topic of Zero Point energy. This article is my own token of tribute to Tesla and all those after him who tried in various ways to break through the control system. It's an interview of Adam Trombly by Celeste Adams, telling of the life-endangering consequences of people who try to emulate Tesla's attempts to liberate Humanity from its forced dependence on unsustainable and inappropriate resources. The interview is from 2002, so many may already have read this.

Thank you to Deus Nexus, where I first read it.

Source: New Energy Movement

The Truth About ZP Technology
A Wake-Up Call to the American People
Adam Trombly is one of the top scientists in the world in the development and creation of Zero Point Energy technology. Devices that he built are working today in other parts of the world. And yet, instead of using Zero Point Energy, Adam Trombly's own house in Maui is being fitted with a bank of expensive solar panels.
Why can't Trombly use his own expertise to fuel his own home? Trombly has spent most of his professional life under one gag order or another. But he decided, he told us, "that if I was going to give an interview for this particular publication, I wasn't going to pull any punches."

If much of this seems overly negative, keep reading. Trombly wants to wake us up, and to shine a light upon things that have been kept dark. But his grounding is deeply spiritual. It's just that the Divine forces that seek to assist us cannot do so unless we call upon them. "Now, in this moment," he tells us, "we must come out and ask for help. When we can ask for help, we get it."

Adam Trombly's revelations will shock you to the depths. But it is his hope, and ours, that it will help you to awaken, or to assist you in your task of awakening others.

Trombly's ultimate vision is the "redreaming of the American Dream."

Adams: How did you become interested in free energy?

Trombly: I was raised as a scientist and I have spoken the language of science all of my life. My mother was a blood specialist, my father was a biochemist, and my sister was at one time a biophysicist.

When my father had just gotten his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Purdue University - I was a young child - he was enlisted as a biochemist, by a fellow Purdue alumnus named Frank Olsen, into a U.S. Air Force/CIA joint project. He was stationed at the biological warfare laboratory in Fort Detrick, Maryland. This was in 1952 during the Korean Conflict. He had been a highly decorated U.S. Army Air Corp officer in World War II, but the government felt that he had a skill of strategic importance to the national security.

At Fort Detrick, he and Olsen, along with a couple of other scientists, were working on a very compartmentalized project. Since he died when I was in the eighth year of this body, I knew very, very little about what this project involved. On the seventh anniversary of his death (4/3/1967) I was in my mother's attic, putting out mousetraps, when I discovered a couple of boxes that contained journals my father had kept during his time at Detrick. You weren't supposed to keep journals, but he did.

One of the things he wrote about in his journals was his exposure to alien technology that totally defied what were considered, at that time and even still to this day, the laws of physics.

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