16 February 2016

Watcher Angels and Human Transformation ~ Earth-Keeper Presents William Henry ~ 22 November 2015

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This is an 88-minute presentation which revolves around the Asension of Humanity. Please watch the video here.

William Henry draws several parallels between the Tibetan Rainbow Body process (using Padmasambhava's ascension as an example) and the Rainbow Bridge of Christian art and Biblical texts, and explaining the many symbolisms found therein. He also puts forward his theory on what the Ark of the Covenant is, and how it's related to the Ascension process ~ essentially the "Throne of Christ" (the Etimasia), a device that transforms humans into Ascended Beings.

William's take is that the Watchers are the "Holy Ones" ~ they are whole, perfect. Ascended Beings who are not in human corporeal form, bringing teachings of Light Body transformations to Humanity. Light Body = Christed Body = Rainbow Body.

He also explains that the teachings of the Essenes were meant to return humans into their original Angelic state of Consciousness, and that the Temple of Solomon is actually a Stargate. The process of Ascension is therefore not a "gift", it's for EVERYONE. The Essenes understood the symbolisms and concluded that the Ark is WITHIN us; it is the activator that will cause our Pineal Gland to produce the "Oil of Resurrection". I'm thinking this could be DMT?

William Henry proposes that the "Resurrection Sphere" depicted in both Tibetan and Christian art is actually the Cintamani Stone, also known as the "Wish-Fulfilling Stone" (I recently discovered that it's also known as the Philosopher's Stone).


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