14 February 2016

Weekly Event Meditation Reminder

It's time once again for our Event meditation! They seem to be coming faster and faster as the weeks whiz by in a blur.

I know many of you are plain exhausted and running out of steam....all I can say is please just do your best to join in, our individual efforts really do make a difference. For some, this meditation is in the wee hours (it's 3am for me, there are times when I truly have to struggle to stay awake!). I have suggested previously that perhaps you can do this at a more convenient time and intend that your efforts be merged with the Group meditation at the stated time. I can't be sure that it's the "right" thing to do, but It's better than nothing!  :)

You can refer to a countdown clock on Cobra's site; for more details please visit Weekly Event Meditation.

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