13 February 2016

Worldwide Reset Imminent! ~ Fa Sirius ~ 7 February 2016

Please note that I'm posting this as a resource, and not as an "announcement". God knows how many times I've heard or read the word "imminent" (which replaced the formerly popular "soon") only to see months and years pass by without anything occurring. (And I won't speculate on Cobra's latest update because it's technically not for us....)

I've saved this video's link and its transcript onto my phone so I can send it off to my still-doubting family and friends, when it's time. May that be "imminent".....  :)

Please watch the video at Prepare For Change.


  1. Hi!
    Did you write the wonderful music for Song of the 144 000 on YouTube and, if you did, have you made any albums? It's one of the best pieces of New Agey music I've heard in a very long time and I'd love to own the album it comes from if there is one. I'm listening to it as I'm writing this and it's lifting my spirits and mind like few other things I've heard. Bravo for writing it, even if there isn't an album. I'm hoping there is though.

    I'm ulrichburke@hotmail.com if you want to reply and I promise this is't any kind of scam/marketing junk.

    1. Hello Ulrich, thanks for your comment. Please know that I'm not the owner of the video, whose name is Fa Sirius as denoted in the title of this post. Perhaps you could contact him through his yt channel? I note that he has fb twitter etc.