16 March 2016

Alternate Dimensions Newsletter and Energy Update ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 16 March 2016

Source: Awakening to Remembering

Aloha Beautiful Light Family,

When one exists in Separation Consciousness, their world is focused on the external first... Identities, attachment, things and what they can get out of everything.... what they can achieve for themselves and there is a lack of unity, peace, love, consideration and all things sacred from within.

When one exists as and through UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, their focus is inward first, taking care of what is transmitted out through intentional and a natural higher consciousness vibrational existence of inner love, inner unity, inner peace, inner integrity, inner honor, inner respect, inner beauty, inner magnificence, inner magic, inner bliss, inner gratitude and appreciation... the list of inner awesomeness, brilliance and abundance never ends. All is as unlimited as we are from within.

When we hold these energetic feelings and mindsets, they are felt throughout our entire BEING. WE are lighter, more vibrant, alive, conscious, intentional and contributing to the whole of all things...

WE RETURN to the frequencies of HOME from inside, so no matter where we go, we are always home, as WE take HOME with us. WE return to love, return to light, return to that which WE forgot... when WE "entered unconsciousness" and "fell beneath the veils".

When one exists in separation consciousness, they are are oblivious to higher consciousness and how important it is for all. WE are energy and when WE are fully conscious, WE are conscious energy. When one is unconscious (separated), they are are unconscious energy in physical form.

Conscious energy focuses and acts with purposeful intention and utilizes higher self/inner wisdom to function again. Unconscious energy is scattered, wastes, lacks intention, lacks care, lacks that which is pure and sacred, and "thinks/believes" everything is as it sees everything in the physical reality. Conscious energy is in-tune energetically and pays attention to everything. It utilizes energy to transform, switches frequencies intentionally to re-tune a reality and create a timeline it desires to exist in here.

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