07 March 2016

Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele ~ 6 March 2016

Source: Oneness Of All ~ Newsletter;  Website

Dear ones, we speak from a place of love and respect for you and the tremendous work you have undertaken and are now manifesting. We also observe many of you feeling weak, sad, and even occasionally distraught as you begin to see with new eyes and hearts open which allows you to recognize how differently life on earth could be.

During the unavoidable "down times" of this intense journey, try to avoid slipping into negativity by acknowledging that everything you witness has no real law to support it. Never deny appearances, but learn to see through them. Love all involved (by recognition of their true nature), and move on. Resistance to anything simply endows it power it does not really have.

We wish to return to the topic of change. There are many embracing change for the world and others but forget (ignore?) change for themselves in the belief that they are right where they are supposed to be already.

The new and higher energies are serving expose everything old, dense, and finished--the innate errors of much that the world and individuals still hold as truth and acceptable behavior. When some world belief no matter how widely accepted is recognized as being false, the person must then begin to live out from this new awareness instead of choosing to ignore it as an inconvenience to what has become his way of life. This is why "wake up calls" occasionally need to happen.

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