03 March 2016

Deepening of the Next Wave: Pay Attention ~ Sandra Walter ~ 2 March 2016

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
The consistent message for the last few articles has been focus, focus, focus. If your timeline choice is embodiment, it can be greatly amplified by this upcoming Solar eclipse (March 8). Solar Cosmic Christ, Solar energetics. Solar Logos. Solar gravitational shifts. Solar Grid migration and acceleration. Solar consciousness. Solar heart center. SUN Gods. Golden Race. Gaia as a Spiritual SUN. The merge happens in the Sun. Receive this message, Beloveds. Go back and review what is unfolding if the Solar aspect is just starting to break through the veils for you.

You are making Soul-level, Solar-level cosmic decisions in this now moment which affect the outcome of your Ascension process. Please note the multi-level emphasis over the last few months – it is NOW which ends the Resurrection phase for many Wayshowers. The articles, interviews and Ascension Path class have described and guided that process in detail over the past year. Our Wayshowers are now poised for a big shift in Service, level of consciousness, and true showing-the-way of what an embodiment looks and feels like.

Solar Eclipse – Deep in Preparation already
The week prior to the Solar Eclipse on March 8 (Maximum at 5:55pmPT with the New Moon) is a passage of deep choices, the Solar aspect of Self, and focus on full unification with the highest outcomes possible. It sets into form the unfoldment of those choices over the next few months. Purge any remaining thoughts of fear, worry, doubt – you will need to surrender to the higher consciousness completely, if embodiment is your personal quest. The eclipse provides pure magnetics, and we may use it to our advantage.

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