14 March 2016

Electromagnetic Signals ~ Lisa Renee ~ March 2016

The inelegant way that I had described it before was feeling like I was being electrocuted by low-level electric current, with the occasional sharp (but not painful) jolt, especially at the extremities. Lisa Renee explains these electromagnetic signals/activated kundalini eloquently, with sufficient detail to provide clarity and enough depth to enable a better appreciation of this aspect of the Ascension process ~ building our liquid plasma Light Body.

Lisa emphasises the integral role that water plays (that's why we've all been glugging down copious amounts of water ~ yet another issue that is viewed with alarm by our family members) and expands on how our practices or actions actually contribute towards our own progress, for example being present, calm (meditative) and in sync with Mother Gaia, staying high-vibe and heart-centred, increasing awareness. Lisa also details the AI threat and offers advice on how to effectively negate it.

There's loads more information that she's provided, so please do give it a read. It's a truly beneficial message ~ it helped me understand the process at a deeper level and I appreciate the amount of effort she's expended in putting it together.

Source: Energetic Synthesis

This month’s newsletter is to better understand the important role of Electromagnetic Signals within the consciousness of the human body, and to raise awareness of the multiple sources of exposures we may have to these signals, that are transmitting from the environment and beyond. Electromagnetic Signals are directly responsible for the electromagnetic wave representation that we access.  This can be through of any kind of data transmission and its energetic frequency signature. Data transmission is communication of energetic information, by the transmission or propagation of ranges of frequencies that form unique Electromagnetic Signals. When we receive spiritual initiations we are receiving data transmissions into our Lightbody. These frequency downloads, which allow us to embody higher frequencies are made through Electromagnetic Signals.

During the Ascension Cycle, humanity is being accelerated into greater ranges of amplified electromagnetic frequency exposure. These are either natural signals that support biological Ascension, or artificial signals that block the physical body with pain, thereby, suppressing or fragmenting the Lightbody. Thus, we can help to support our body and consciousness to regain balance, when we have a clearer comprehension of how these Electromagnetic Signals work in the human body.

The human body is made up of atoms, ions and molecules.  Ions are atoms with extra electrons or missing electrons. When an atom is missing an electron or two, it has a positive charge. When an atom has an extra electron or two, it has a negative charge. The key players in creating the electrical energy within our body are structures called ions. Ions may exist in solid, liquid, or gaseous environments, although those in liquid are more common. Most ionic compounds fall in the category of chemicals called salts. Ions existing in a liquid state are electrolytes. An electrolyte is any compound that, in solution, conducts electricity and is decomposed or electrolyzed by the electricity.

Ions can be created by either chemical or physical means through the process of ionization. The human body when subjected to strong Electromagnetic Signals, or activated kundalini, is capable of biological ionization that can generate plasma.  In the ascending human body, ionization produces higher frequency plasma light for continuing to build our liquid plasma spiritual body.

Thus, our cells are similar to miniature batteries and electrical generators. They conduct electricity, create Electromagnetic Signals, and are powered by a low level of electrical voltage. The nervous system uses electrical energy, termed nerve impulses, to transmit messages from one cell in the body to another cell in the body. Imbalances of any of these ions, or inhibition of ion transport across the cell membranes, can lead to dysfunction in the conduction of electrical messages. This dysfunction quickly leads to a general body disturbance and loss of energetic stability in the bio-spiritual field. Additionally, this dysfunction skews internal messaging between the cells, blocks conduction of electrical messages in the nervous system and can alter or change Electromagnetic Signals in the body.

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