04 March 2016

March Energies ~ Kara Schallock ~ 3 March 2016

Source: Soulstice Rising

March is another Power month. Next week we have the New Moon eclipse, then the week after is the Equinox and then the following week is the Full Moon eclipse. Whoa! Lots of energy is packed into the following weeks; energy to help us move forward, shifting us ever higher. While we always have a choice to flow or resist, there truly is no returning to the old. Oh, you can try, yet your seat is no longer saved. So we continue, placing one foot in front of the other, feeling Joy beneath the perceived pain of our bodies adjusting to so much Light. Focus on the Joy and not the pain, for this makes it easier. Any remaining lower energies in our system are being pushed up into our conscious minds as our Divine Male and Female selves learn to balance as One  (feeling to action; being to doing, receiving to expressing). And with this calibration, we sense physical phenomena. These can include extreme Joy as well as extreme despair. There seems to be a lot of activity around the Heart and Solar Plexus, so breathe into any area that is adjusting. Fear is up as folks wonder how they’re going to live financially, questioning what is next in their chosen field of Heartwork. Many sense there is a change to be made, yet nothing is clear as to what. All of it requires us to radically trust. There may be a glimmer of a next step, only to dissipate in a few moments.

We are dissolving many cords of those who are dependent on us, yet this is happening rather quickly. The best we can do is let go of everything that surfaces and allow the process; the calibration to be more Light. This month we will make a very large leap forward, leaving much behind in the dust. Many are holding onto what is familiar, yet this is not the path to take in order to evolve. This month, folks who have been afraid to leap before will do so and in leaping, or even taking one small step, you discover gifts you have, your Intuition is more empowered and you sense a greater alignment with your Authentic Self; your Soul. With the eclipses and Equinox, we move forward in Grace.

It’s important to let go of controlling and pushing to make things happen, and to allow things to flow into their natural places; this Allowance is you working with the Divine Flow and not against it. This Acceptance is important, for this month there is a lot more letting go and letting be. Everything occurs for your benefit, if you care to look beneath the surface. When you see the gift in even the most difficult circumstances, be assured you are in Divine Flow.

If you haven’t noticed already, you have let go of much of the old matrix; that sticky web that kept you in place and well below your natural expression of Authenticity. Take a deep look at yourself and see how much you’ve let go of, especially those things you were in the old matrix. You may discover many things you used to love and don’t anymore, like arguing to win, politics, and anything to do with what religions, governments and other old institutions were telling you…how to be according to their rules. The shift is not just personal; it is global, for as you let go of what the old has been telling you and think for yourself, you let go of the old even more. It’s been a gradual process. We are guided to be more and as we shine our Light and Awareness outward we help the old institutions transform…just by honoring our Sovereignty. This may seem as though we are letting go of our security and comfort, yet there is so much more when we do, for the old security and comfort are illusions.

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