18 March 2016

March Gateway: Equinox and Lunar Eclipse ~ Kara Schallock ~ 17 March 2016

Source: Soulstice Rising

In just a few days on March 19th at 10:30 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time (4:30 UTC), we have an Equinox. This occurs in the middle of a powerful Gateway, which began with the Solar Eclipse/New Moon on March 8 and concludes with the Lunar eclipse/Full Moon next Wednesday, March 23rd. The Equinox is a full embodiment of the Divine Feminine, empowering the Balance of the Lunar and Solar Eclipses (Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine). This Equinox symbolizes all things new in the Northern Hemisphere, while it is a complete Balance for the Southern Hemisphere.

During this time, we (and continue to) receive many Light Codes that heighten our consciousness. Because of so much Light entering us, feeding our cells and DNA, much also comes to the surface from the depths of our subconscious in order to love, transform and release…to make room for more and more Light. The Divine Feminine/Source leads the way, empowering all that we set forth on the New Moon/Solar Eclipse. It is a shift from the old patriarchy to the new matriarchy to the complete Balance of both. The old patriarchy is replaced by the Divine Masculine; that energy that supports the Divine Feminine.

Did you know that Archangel Amabael (Divine Mother Mary) taught both Yeshua and Mary of Magdala how to embrace their own Divinity and Source-Selves? The Goddess takes Her rightful place again, leading the way. We feel this as our Soul-voice. Our Soul leads our separate ego and helps our separate ego become One with our Soul. Through this, our High Mind is activated, which is a blending of Heart and intellect, for one without the other is incomplete. The High Mind then offers the gift of being able to articulate the feelings of the Heart and Soul.

Our Christ Consciousness is expanded and empowered during this time. Christ Consciousness is not based on the man Yeshua, but is actually Source Consciousness. While Christ/Source Consciousness is enhanced within us, we feel it through our Awareness, which helps us make choices that are aligned with Source and Soul, rather than being based on separate ego desires. Thus the Light Codes and Christ Consciousness further support our Ascension; the bringing of “Heaven” to Earth (not Earth to “Heaven”). As we balance and integrate it all, we are both strong and vulnerable; powerful and open. To be vulnerable is to be open-hearted; that is, to be Love, our natural state of being.

Vulnerability in the old meant that we were fragile and had to protect ourselves from lower forces. Because we are so much Love now, we may realize that Love is more powerful than fear and there is no need to protect ourselves. Still, many are in different phases of their Ascension, so may be guided to protect themselves. Do remain vulnerable though; that is, open-hearted. There is nothing to fear. Love embraces fear, soothes it and transforms it. That is how powerful Love is; that is how powerful we are.

Some time on the day of the Eclipse, open up and receive the Light Codes of the Divine Feminine/Source. Open your chakras by spiraling them open and afterward, spiral them closed. This brings Light into them and into your endocrine system. If you are guided to be with others or be by yourself, it matters not, for we are all connected as One, regardless of where you are. Simply follow your guidance and invite the Goddess into you. When one receives, we all receive. Do the same on the Lunar Eclipse.

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