11 March 2016

New Life Cycle ~ Maureen Moss ~ 10 March 2016

Source: Maureen Moss

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well.

Within a powerful month sitting amongst a powerful year we stand at an intersection of who we once were and who we shall be…realizing we cannot be who we were and become Who We Are.

With intensified activities of the experience of opposites occurring within and around us… along with life conclusions being called for, new Life choices to be made, intuitive action on behalf of our choices beckoning us, and mystical and multi-dimensional occurrences enticing us… not a single one of us are being left unprompted to follow our freedom… as rapid realizations and revelations continue to compete with limiting thoughts and expired perceptions.

Last month I wrote at length about the numerous parallel realities vying for our attention though none, I might add, quite as compelling to the ego nor more distracting from the True Self as our own expired human realities still traipsing through our minds as current thought forms and perceptions, holding us in a state of contradiction.

There is good reason for those expired realities, enmeshed and engaged with their muddied thought forms to be highlighted now. Each is to come to Light if they are to come to pass.

This Month and This Year Is Paramount To What Your Life Will Become

Please read on....

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