07 March 2016

Planetary Update March 2016 ~ Jim Self

This is the last Planetary Update from Jim Self. The primary purpose of these monthly updates were to prepare us for what's coming, but the tremendous energetic shifts resulting from the September Equinox and December Solstice meant that what's coming is now here. There's still "more" coming, but we are already stepping into the transition into the New, which is unfolding before us.

Much more than ever before, we will create our own reality. Being a neutral observer would facilitate our creations going forward. We hold the consciousness of what's possible, we are the holder of the dream that is eons-old, waiting to manifest.

There are currently two strata of consciousness ~ low consciousness and the other, of higher consciousness and embodied enlightenment.

This is now a time of action. How do we choose?

Please listen to Jim's full message here.

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