26 March 2016

Plasma Health Pens ~ Maarten and Sybell, Organise Orgonite

What do you get when you integrate Keshe technology with orgonite? My answer would be ~ an ingenious quantum healing method.

This is exactly what Maarten and Sybell did for their Plasma Health Pens. They incorporated both these technologies together to enhance the healing process. Take a look at the aesthetically-pleasing products that Maarten and Sybell create over at their site here. An orgonite mix of resin, herbs, essential oils and crystals in a glass tube with Keshe pen coils make up these Plasma Health Pens. I don't have one myself but I've certainly enjoyed exploring their site and appreciating what they do.

There's also a video where Maarten and Sybell are interviewed by Cary Ellis, which you can view here, or download. Maarten and Sybell actually explain how to make their pens, and although I don't fully understand everything, the process certainly looks fairly straightforward.

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