14 March 2016

Rainbow Portal 14 - 20 March 2016 ~ The Portal of 7 Pillars of Light, The 7 Chakras ~ Anna Merkaba ~ 13 March 2016

This is a very long message from Anna Merkaba, containing a lot of information that some may find useful. I will admit that I only read the introduction, and I will very likely not follow the program, so please do follow your own guidance.

Source: Sacred Ascension

Greetings everyone! I have just received some very exciting news, that tomorrow 3/14/16 a Rainbow portal, the portal of 7 pillars of light and 7 charkas is going to open. And we once again have a wonderful opportunity to cleanse and purify all of our 7 chakras one by one in the next 7 days.

The way that this portal is going to work is as follows, each day the energy corresponding to a particular chakra is going to bathe earth and all of us. To maximize the effect of this energy you are to focus on the chakra of the day and spend the entire day assisting your body in balancing out this particular chakra.

In this article I have compiled a detailed list of things that you can do to maximize the effects of this portal, it is not necessary to do everything at once, or any of this at all, but if you wish to partake of these energies and make best use of this portal you can spend 10 minutes a day in meditation focusing all of your attention on the chakra of the day.

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