17 March 2016

Solar Eclipse and Visible Planetary Bodies (Planet X System)? ~ Video by Skywatch Media News ~ 12 March 2016

I was pointed to this video which made me go "omg" ~ it's not because of the Solar Eclipse itself, which was of course stunning and spectacular to watch, but because of the alleged additional two planetary bodies that were also captured in the video.

As far as I know (and have personally seen), there are several videos online that show the "second Sun". In this video, a couple of stills show not one but two additional celestial bodies that are clearly visible. I'm no photographer, so it could well be lens flare or whatever it is that skeptics say to explain away an additional "sun" or even two, in this case. As I've mentioned before, I have seen an additional "sun" quite a few times already  with my own eyes.

Let me backtrack a bit. When I go through my Surya Namaskar, I look very briefly at the Sun. I do this because it makes the pose meaningful for me. I look directly for just a moment ~ I haven't yet summoned up the nerve to properly sungaze.

However, just two days ago, when I took a quick look at the Sun, I had to close my eyes and halt what I was doing. I "saw", with my eyes closed, two "Suns". Two circles of light (one bigger than the other) imprinted against a dark background, much like the Jesus optical illusion (see here if interested). This isn't the first time it's happened, so I wasn't too surprised. I opened my eyes and tried to locate the second "Sun" in the sky but I had to turn away because the glare was too bright for me.

Then I closed my eyes again to see if I could still see the two "Suns". I couldn't.....instead, I saw THREE "Suns". One bigger than the other two, much like the still shown in the video. That really surprised, and I didn't know what to make out of it. It was totally new to me, three "Suns".

I thought about it constantly over the next two days. So when I watched this video, you can imagine how I felt! The Sun with TWO additional planetary bodies visible. Assuming this isn't a hoax or Photoshopped, of course.

It's also interesting that this video also features the "cross" ~ it made me recall Cobra's update about the Ascension Plan which referenced an article about the "crucifixion" of Earth on the Galactic Cross.

Please watch the video here. I only properly watched the first 6 minutes.


  1. September 23rd 2017 do a YouTube search of that date and also August 21st 2017 the eclipse across America will reveal if there is a planet X and also Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter will all be visible at the full eclipse. I myself will be in Oregon and will be taking pictures to show where and what is really there. As long as the sun is visible the planets won't be but when the bright sun is eclipsed there will be no doubt and planet 9 or planet X or whatever you want to call it will be revealed or debunked on August 21st 2017.

    1. If you can, please update me? Thanks and Blessings