25 March 2016

The Lunar Eclipse and Sleep (Including Dreams)

Purple Dream ~ Felix Concepcion

This is a sort of continuation to my personal update. I hadn't planned on writing again so soon, but a couple of things came up unexpected after I posted yesterday.

The Lunar Eclipse
I will give a short account of my experience of yesterday's Lunar Eclipse. I've communicated with a few people who reported similar accounts.

Shortly after posting my update yesterday, I started to prepare myself for a quiet moment of meditation as it was almost time for the Lunar Eclipse Maximum. Even before I could settle myself, I felt strong waves of energy coming in and became queasy. It wasn't severe but my stomach still felt unsettled even after ten minutes had passed. I felt guided to take a shower, which I did. I allowed the energy of the water to work with the energy of the Moon, and after the drenching, I no longer felt uncomfortable. In fact, I felt ravenous! Thankfully, it was time for dinner, so I was able to heartily enjoy my meal.

I would like to interpret my experience as a version of Moon Water Magic with the mix of water and Lunar energies. However, I'm also aware that there are some who may insist that I had been hit by EMF weapons or attacked by negative energies. Perhaps.... but I'd like to believe the first option :)

When I was writing my update yesterday, I had actually included a section about sleep. After I read through what I wrote, I decided that it was irrelevant and too wordy, and proceeded to delete the whole thing. I do this a lot when I'm writing, so I didn't feel any "loss" or whatever.

However, since I posted my update (sans the part about sleep), I've received some emails with feedback about sleep. So I guess I'll write about it after all :)

Okay, sleep. This is a tough one, because I don't adequately understand it to write in a meaningful manner, which was why I felt that my previous attempt was irrelevant. I'll just write about my experience and share a bit about what I know, with the intention that it serves some sort of benefit in some way to some people.

Sleep feels strange. That's the best I can describe it. I've said that before sometime ago, but the strangeness has returned after a period of "normalcy" (as if anything is "normal" anymore!). When I'm done for the day, I get ready to sleep. I'm tired, and yet it feels so strange to sleep but sleep I do. When I awake, my eyes feel like I've only slept for a couple of hours at most, even though I've had more than 7 hours of sleep. I don't "feel" sleepy in general, and yet I feel like I've only managed two hours of shut-eye.

There are times when I intentionally plan for about 9 hours of sleep, thinking that this may solve the eyes-that-feel-sleep-deprived problem, but I wake up naturally without an alarm after about 7+ hours, and can't get back to sleep after that.

See why I had to delete my sleep topic yesterday? It doesn't make any sense nor does it seem relevant.

Now on to the dream-world, which pretty much feels that there's lots of things happening there. I don't remember most of them, but have a sense that there's lots of busyness and activity ~ many things that need to be completed and a pressing urgency to get them all done in express time.

There's one dream that I do remember, though. I know from what I've heard from others that many are familiar with the dreaded "Exams" dream. The one where we have to take exams but are not sufficiently prepared, or went to the wrong centre, or got dates mixed up, etc. Stressful stuff like that.

I've had my fair share of such dreams, and they are not enjoyable at all. Recently, I dreamt that I had to take some exams but I was so perplexed and upset because I didn't know I had exams to take! I began to fret because I hadn't studied at all for them. Then just as I was about to embark on some frantic last-minute cramming, I became aware of something.....I don't need to take the exams, because I had already "graduated"! In fact, I was now a "teacher", and I'm meant to teach!! A huge sense of relief flooded in, and I felt elated! That was the moment that I became aware, in the dream, that I was dreaming. (I try to avoid using the term "lucid dream".)

It's the first time I've ever had an "Exams" dream that ended positively; I will take it to mean that we have made much progress in our spiritual journey.

Now I will talk about not-so-good dreams. I've also had feedback from people who've had nightmares.  Please know that I'm no dream expert at all, I'll just share what I know from various sources.

A lot of people are having bad dreams now. From what I understand, it's because we need to resolve as many issues or outstanding imbalances as much and as quickly as possible, and that's being accomplished through dreams. On the other hand, I've also heard that negative interference could also contribute to bad dreams. Once again, I'd like to believe it's the first option.

This is something I heard from Alex Collier a few days ago in his webinar. He said that when he dreams in colour, it means that he was on a mission or doing "work". When his dreams are black-and-white, then they arise from his subconscious mind.

Whether performing missions, clearing energies, inspiring solutions or presenting visions, it's clear that our dream-world is an extremely busy realm indeed. May each dream lead us ever closer to the manifestation of the ultimate dream of our Golden Age.



  1. Love your updates, Grace! I've been noticing lately how uncomfortable I seem to feel in my physical body. It's nothing I can really place my finger on, but the only way I can describe it as being really "fidgety". It's like I'm starting to remember how free and expanded I felt at so-called "higher" levels and I'm much more conscious of my limitations in this body.

    Hmmm. As I was typing this, it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps that's exactly what this "bringing Heaven to Earth" process is all about. Perhaps we're just relating more to the facets of ourselves that are streaming in...they are uncomfortable as they adjust to the physical, so maybe we're becoming more aware of that.

    Now that I think of it, last night might have been a good example of that, in fact. I awakened in the early morning hours and felt suddenly very conscious of the fact that I was breathing air. I felt oddly unfamiliar with the process--as if it was something rather new, and I felt concerned that my lungs wouldn't be able to bring in enough oxygen. At the same time, I knew that it was purely psychological. I felt no physical shortness of breath and was having no difficulty breathing, so there was no logical explanation for the sensation. I spent several minutes calming my "jitters", telling myself everything was just fine, and distracted myself by reading an article or two on my phone. After a few minutes, I convinced myself to simply go back to sleep--and I did.

    I'm just thinking aloud here, but what if these strange sensations and discomforts ARE just higher aspects of ourselves flooding in? Wouldn't they be just a little "shocked" at being back in the confines of a physical body again? As we connect more and more with them and integrate them here with us on the physical plane, there must surely be some adjustments that need to be made.

    If so, perhaps the best thing we can do is just acknowledge the process, understand that it's perfectly natural, and welcome these aspects with all the love and understanding we can muster!

    Or maybe I'm just delusional and over-thinking things entirely...


    With Love,


    1. I know exactly what you mean, Stargazer! I don't believe you're delusional at all.

      I've mentioned in the previous update that it's like the Soul is doing a little protesting. It's as if the Soul just wants to be "out of the body" that's cramping it. So the higher aspects that we are meant to embody would definitely do some protesting, too!

      Also, remember what Yoda said to Luke, "Luminous Beings are we, not this crude matter", jabbing Luke's shoulder. So there's this remembrance of a higher-vibrational "vessel" when we were in our higher-dimensional existence.

      Here's a big THANK YOU to you, too :)

      Love and Blessings