02 April 2016

2016 Solar Changes ~ Denise LeFay ~ 28 March 2016

I was reminded of this article from Denise after I posted the charts showing the Sun's inactivity, thank you Hiraa :) 

I would like to add my two cents' worth ~ I do feel that it's also because the energies that have been pouring in over the past weeks are "different", with new sets of frequencies.

Excerpt from Denise's message below, please read the complete article at Transitions.

With the Sun in a more quiet, undramatic state now in 2016, that means all those GC energies are smoothly, quickly and very directly reaching Earth and you and me and everyone. In other words, none of these Solar and Galactic Center energies are being blown around Earth and not fully reaching humanity because the Sun is flaring, blowing, burping, farting or whatever. With the Sun quiet now, all higher frequency Light Energies coming from the GC and beyond and from the Sun are now directly reaching Earth and you and me and everyone and everything. That’s why you can be experiencing extra intense Ascension Flu aches and pains etc. in your body when the Sun is quiet. All that means is that these higher frequency Light energies are now hitting you directly where they’ve been hitting humanity and Earth sporadically and mostly indirectly over the past eleven-plus years. There are reasons for this happening now in 2016, and they have to do with helping prepare humans and Earth for even greater constant Light coming in fully with the start of 2017. Stair-steps remember?

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