18 April 2016

A Small Fragment of Solara's April 2016 Surf Report: Battle Weary and Inspired!

Source: The NVisible

For quite awhile now, we've been trying to balance ourselves between two, totally different reality systems. We are getting used to surfing through multiple realities, through swirling chaos, through shocking events, through natural disasters, through terrible things happening in the outer world, through wild political elections, through tremendous, unrelenting intensity.

We've been doing this while feeling deeply exhausted which has been a continual challenge. At times, our physical bodies can't handle any more intensity and simply break down and get sick. We've been shedding layers upon layers of emotional residue while releasing our entire planetary history. We've been doing our utmost to unhook ourselves from duality. We've been doing as much as we can to complete the old and birth the New.

When there is a lot going on in the world, it creates huge waves. Way too many waves and lots of Choppy Surf. These waves affect us strongly. They create internal waves in the fluids within our being. It's when these undulating internal waves become too wild that we lose our sense of stillness and balance.

This is when it feels like everything goes out of control.

Please read on....

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