18 April 2016

Ascension Path: Overview of the Christic Ascension ~ Sandra Walter ~ 3 April 2016

This is the first of two Ascension Path teachings that Sandra Walter graciously released to the public recently. She explains the Ascension process in terms of attaining our own Solar Cosmic Christ logos/template fractal that trickles down from Source into our own human form. It is the embodiment of the Christ Consciousness, and we're being supported to go through this transition, courtesy of Mother Gaia's rising frequency and the energy of Photonic Light. It is Source's Divine Will to provide for this quantum evolutionary step, but it's still up to each individual to take on this offer.

Some may find that what Sandra presents here isn't entirely new to them. Nevertheless, I feel that it's an excellent revision and reinforcement of our spiritual practices, and I certainly enjoyed the lesson. We all follow different spiritual paths and guidances, and therefore the terms we are used to may vary from each other, but our paths ultimately converge into the same direction back to Source, back to Who We Really Are. Having said that, I also feel that a specific methodology or practice isn't a pre-requisite at all for the Ascension process ~ one can just as easily breeze along, guided solely and uniquely by one's own inner wisdom and Divinity.

Sandra explains that it's the Light in between cells that precipitate the crystallisation process as we transform from carbon- to silica-based encoding. (This reminds me of Deepak Chopra's “gap”, the state of pure consciousness or the state of creation between thoughts.) The aim is to unify all our levels back to Source through the Christic (Middle) Path ~ this is the path of Balance between Luciferic influences (ungrounded, self-bliss, distracting, escapism) and Aramaic/Satanic influences (materialism, control, power, self-centeredness).

Christic = Krysthl = Crystalline = Unity Consciousness

When we actively engage in the Ascension process, we are preparing to expand our Heart Centre, nesting all Higher aspects together within our own consciousness. There is no more separation of our Higher aspects and we become our own Solar System, just like a fractal of the Great Central Sun system. Using gold or the colour gold will aid the process.

Ultimate goal for us is service to others and service to Source, without being a martyr or saviour. This we do through Divine Will, which evolves from Free Will.
Ultimate destiny for Mother Gaia is to be a Spiritual Sun, home to Christed Beings.

Please watch the video here; it's 1:12-hours in length.

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