22 April 2016

Ascension Path: Tube Torus Fields and the Ascension Column ~ Sandra Walter ~ 3 April 2016

Sandra Walter released two videos from her Ascension Path course a couple of weeks ago, the first of which I had posted earlier with a summary. This is the second one, with some notes below. Thank you to Sandra for this generous gesture!

You can view the video here, if you've not already done so.

Sandra stresses and demonstrates that we are indeed fractals of the Creator Consciousness, down through all the different dimensions. She asks that we release all outdated teachings about the Light Body as Gaia is now no longer vibrating at 3D frequencies. She shows this fractalisation from the perspective of  Source as All That Is, Mother God as Divine Consciousness (background) and Father God as activity of Creation (coming forth). This can also be seen as Electromagnetic forces, where Electric = Thoughts and Magnetic = Emotions, using the Vesica Piscis as a sacred geometric tool of Creation. The VP is the basis of sacred geometry and we're using the VP concept to return to Source.

This translates into a toroidal force through which Creation is birthed, through the centre column. Our own Heart Centre is this fractal. The toroidal container field of 3D is dissolving, therefore this realm of creation is disappearing.

Sandra continues with the fractalisation concept by explaining that the toroidal forces of our Universe (which is the Unconditional Love aspect) steps down into the toroidal forces of the Galaxy, then the Solar System, Planets, and the Individuals (Heart Centre) ~ all levels being fractals of each other, like nested Russian Dolls. The respective torus fields are like "containers" for the creation, consciousness, dimensions, experiences.

This Shift of the Ages that we are currently going through is a "Re-Write" command issued by Source. The entire Universe will go through a transformation where creations are expressed as the highest state of Unconditional Love (this echoes EM and Blue Solara's information).

What I loved the most about this teaching is Sandra saying that since we are fractals of Source, we too must now do the same with our own creations ~ to express them as the highest state of Unconditional Love.

The Creator Breath is at the 33-minute mark.

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