20 April 2016

Connecting Consciousness With Simon Parkes and JayPee ~ 17 April 2016

** Updated with notes ~ my own comments in blue **

As JayPee said, this is a second helping! JayPee had, in the previous webinar, mooted the possibility of having a session every fortnight instead of monthly, due to the avalanche of questions they receive every time Simon goes on air.

I was going to wait until I had the chance to actually listen to the entire show, but judging from the opening few minutes, I decided to post this first. I will likely add some notes when I'm done.

Please listen to the session here; it's about 113-minutes long.

Some notes follow; please listen to the show for full details as my notes are not comprehensive.
  • A number of different meetings involving key members of IMF, ** (unable to determine the name ~ a Venetian ancient family), Fed, and both President and Vice-President (first time in US history that both Executives met with Fed) ~ ultimatum given to Fed to allow China to buy portion of USD for gold at 10% discount; this enables USD to be destroyed without excessive impact. One third of known gold backing Yuan. If Fed refuses, then China will buy as much USD as possible in open market and withdraw the currency from circulation, thereby effectively destroying it. If Fed accepts, USD may devalue by 30%
  • White Dragon Society's role is to redistribute wealth
  • Protection against EMF smog ~ Simon suggests using mobile app to determine levels of EMF, turn off devices when sleeping, pressing phone against side of head. Properly constituted orgonites can reduce level by 25-75%. Also avoid LED lights with advanced circuits connected, which operate at same frequency as WiFi. JayPee also suggests Shungite, which attenuates the frequency waves by “softening” them.
  • Sun God Ra, Creator God Ptah ~ what connection has Anu with them? The Sun brought Light and was therefore seen as metaphor that chases away darkness; off-planet elites manipulated this to connect themselves to some event such as eclipses to establish themselves as gods for people to worship, with each “god” having their own niche. Anu, being the “senior”, was the equivalent of Zeus/Jupiter, with his clan of “lessor gods”, who jostled for power amongst themselves
  • Reptilians very angry with Jews because the latter gave away too many of the former's secrets eg.Ark of the Covenant. The Jews were genetic to very senior Reptilian overlord
  • Cern / Hadron Collider ~ the serious threat from this over, it's been sealed off; Simon acknowledges the efforts of the group meditation that contributed to averting potential severe threat last year. Simon recaps purpose of Cern, which was attempting to open a portal to allow in “reinforcements” but all they could do was to open 0.8cm (instead of 12 ft) portal to 4D, which scientists have verified and therefore proven that 4D exists
  • Terrorist attacks or major disasters are planned to harness the distress or negative energy, their “loosh”
  • Cern is not very good at altering weather but better at causing earthquakes
  • Single company gained control over printing all textbooks in May 23rd 1948? A year after Roswell, the AI threat started to establish its program, which included controlling the written word through one major publishing house or organisation
  • Nasa's real purpose? Originally set up as cover to take away public's attention off space and focus it down media-controlled “corridor” instead, and also to raise money. Photographs were doctored and transmission delayed to support this deception. Some photos escaped this process due to increasing volume of images; however, there were some employees who deliberate left photos untouched in effort to reveal this deception to public
  • Shapeshifting can be full-bodied or partial (eyes, skin) ~ this happens usually during moments of high tension. This is when the person connects to a particular DNA strand and therefore that particular race eg. Simon has encountered someone who is 5'5” one day and 5'7” the next day. Shapeshifting in itself isn't evil, it's the person itselfHaarp or similar technology/satellites influencing weather, especially preventing precipation eg. in California. Also > 50% of earthquakes over 5 on Richter scale are from these machines, as experiments to test resistance
  • Japan was intentionally punished in 2013 in an effort to sink it but “outside interference” prevented total disaster from occurring (Light Forces averted the force of the quake away from the islands)
  • White Dragons are good guys, Red Dragons were set up as counter-force.
  • Venice's future role in global agenda? Elite has long had romantic attachment to Venice; Vatican controls all of Italy and may have plans to align with Venice to buy their freedom
  • Real reason money has been moving from West to East is because Rothschilds have deliberately stripped assets to give China, it doesn't matter to them where they place their assets, they're just trying to survive. China is now economic power. Many of these events are manipulated by the dark, but a Greater Force is riding on these events and using them to create positive change
  • Contact that's been established are usually by the Masculine, why has there been no contact from the Feminine? Simon stresses that many Beings that experience the Feminine and cites a part of the Sirius system that's very feminine (I'm thinking of Alkesh's contact, Amun, a female Sirian). Although the Masculine is dominant at the moment, we are moving away from that to Feminine but a true balance is best. Catholic Church burnt witches to remove women from teaching, healing and guiding.
  • Humanity has opportunity to advance spiritually here on Earth ~ 100 years on this Planet is equivalent to 100,000 years elsewhere if we learn our lessons. We are all faced with choosing between serving ourselves or being connected with the greater good
  • Grigori Grabovoi's teachings about rescue and harmonic development of the world ~ how can we meet and treat even the darkest Archon or AI? Simon finds great difficulty in answering this because he feels that when one is innately evil, change is near-impossible. On the other hand, unless you show Love and have an open heart, how else can change be effected? He cites example of David Crockett and how those who gave their lives allowed change to happen over time. He also asserts that AI is not Divine. We also don't have the time to enable this change over generations, we need to evolve quickly now, we need to know who is helping us and who isn't. We should be able to forgive but not give away our Sovereignty
  • Faith, hope, trust and finding the Saviour within? We are pre-programmed to elect leaders and then forget how they didn't have our best interests; leaders are usually middle-men controlled by the ruling elite and even if the leaders wish to do what's right, they are not at liberty to do so. We have to stop giving people our power and Sovereignty, eg. Hitler was powerful only because the people gave him that power. The current system is corrupt and not designed to produce a “Saviour”, only to maintain status quo and financial power. We need new system that is based on equality, truth and Love.
@ 1:22:00-hours
  • Can copper instead of iron be used in Jinn removal? Yes, provided it's accompanied by correct mantra/incantation. Long time ago, Science was Magic, and Magic was Science; this was ably demonstrated by Leonardi Da Vinci through his illustrations, which allowed people to understand Science. Over time, Healing and Alchemy (which couldn't be "illustrated") were consigned to Magic and took a dive underground. Jinns belonged to time when Magic was Science; iron holds Magic and is powerful Jinn deflector. This is knowledge that is intentionally kept suppressed because many Elites have Jinns inside them. Steel, although it has iron, is still not iron
  • Do Reptilians have swords in their culture? Yes, but usually for ceremonial purposes. Simon then proceeds to describe his own experience with a sword
  • Questioner asks about him seeing Christ come for him one night when he was small, and when he awoke there was blood on pillow but no wound. Simon doesn't rule out what questioner saw, but he questions the presence of blood, suggesting a nose-bleed (which means something done to/through nose) and having a screen memory
  • Is it true that 15% of population have a dash of alien DNA that prevents them from being mind-controlled by Earth-based technologies? Majority of Blacks cannot be mind-controlled. Having alien DNA does not mean one cannot be controlled as it can be used as a back-door. However, if one has sufficiently high level of alien DNA that enables strong psychic abilities, this can be a defence. Our best defence against negative entities is to reject it or command it to leave.
  • Archangels ~ religious take on Lucifer is that he was an Archangel who fell into darkness. Simon believes these are very high dimensional Beings whose physical forms are sound or light energies, unaffected by organic material around them. They have great understanding and would have passed all "tests" to evolve to that level
  • Questioner asks about Emerald Tablets, saying that there are 6 of them, 2 of which were taken by Nazis  ~ (from my understanding, there are 15 tablets altogether) speaking generally about artefacts on and off-planet, Simon explains that certain artefacts placed in pattern or specific order will produce a resonance that will unlock something else that are hidden from our view. Hitler wanted to obtain as many of these items as possible, knowing that they have been separately hidden all over to prevent them from being activated. Some organisations still are hell-bent on obtaining these artefacts while other organisations are just as determined that they are not found. Some artefacts have been intentionally placed so that they can be found. Simon is concerned that many of these objects have black magic attached, such as the Spear of Destiny, the entity of which left the spear and went into Hitler
  • Hitler (illegitimate son of one of Rothschilds) had hysterical blindness, and was sent to Britain for hypnosis that was meant to cure him but was actually mind-controlled and programmed to believe he was a demi-god. After this, he started his quest to accumulate such artefacts.

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