08 April 2016

Feel A Little Light: The Tachyon Chamber Experience At Leader Creek Mercantile ~ Nova Biscotti ~ 2 April 2016

Nova Biscotti has made the effort to write about his healing experience with the Tachyon Chamber at Leader Creek Mercantile in USA, the existence of which was announced by Cobra not too long ago (see post here). His progress has been truly remarkable.

I look at the Tachyon Chamber as a minor version of Light or Healing Chambers, which are in themselves an advanced form of the Sarcophagus in the Pyramids ~ tools of Ascension.

Source: The Event Reference

It is not often that in the course of one day a person feels their life has literally changed course for the better and also knows the effects are permanent. We can all remember bad days which irreversibly change our lives – but positive change is usually more subtle and takes longer to become clear.

I had one of those rare “positive shift” days this past March 25th. It certainly did not start out that way. I experienced a restless night of (no) sleep plagued by anxiety, mental confusion, and regret over recent personal experiences.  This caused me to wake up with severe acid reflux and a salty foul mood. Nonetheless, I packed up my necessities from where I was staying and made a short journey to my destination – the Tachyon Chamber at Leader Creek Mercantile near Eagle Butte, South Dakota.

I found out a few months ago such a chamber was constructed ‘relatively’ close to where I reside (no – I am NOT from Manchester in the UK). The drive the prior day was long and solitary – hundreds of miles of barren post-winter farm landscape dredged up visceral memories of my lonely youth in the “Upper Midwest” of the United States. These are not exactly visuals which would foreshadow a major positive breakthrough.

Nonetheless, from the very minute I turned off of Highway 63, I realized there was something magical about this place:

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