02 April 2016

In Service: More Ascension Tools For Your Journey ~ Sandra Walter ~ 1 April 2016

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Spring has suddenly arrived in Mount Shasta. Hail and snow on Tuesday, sunny and 70 degrees on Friday! We had major energetic shifts post-eclipse (what a doozy that was) and I AM sure you can feel the unfoldment occurring as we enter the cosmic spin of April. More on that next week.

As you may have heard, I teach an online Mastery class called Ascension Path.

While the full class (40 videos, 10 guided mp3 meditations, printed materials and over 30 hours of Q&A calls) has been running since 2012, this year a scaled-down version of the class was released on-demand (rental style) on Vimeo (that’s like youtube for creatives).

It may be obvious to many of you that we are getting very close to an Ascension window for the first wavers, and the give-give-give, serve-serve-serve heart-set is taking over. What a fascinating divine balance it creates; the population contracts with worries over financial collapse, while more folks are guided to open up and trust the path. Perfect.

Here are some new offerings to take advantage of, or share:

Part One of the Vimeo version is available for $44 during April. That’s the strong foundational tools for the process: detox, clearing, light body activation, heart opening. Go get ’em, and share the tools with friends that are triggered or haven’t done their homework. 30 day rental, 13 videos.

A great one-hour video overview of the Christic Ascension Process is now FREE via Vimeo. I may put it on youtube since so many are moving from the awakened stage to interested-in-Ascension. Good reminders for all.

Please read on....

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