15 April 2016

Meg Benedicte Update ~ 14 April 2016

Source: Meg Benedicte

In last night’s New Earth Radio show the topic of body fatigue came up. It seems that many of us are feeling extremely low ‘chi’ and physical exhaustion. I started noticing my body dragging a week ago, where by Sunday I could not get off the couch. There was a powerful gamma photon blast last weekend from the galactic center that is rippling through the magnetic field. If you are particularly sensitive to energy fluctuations, you may be experiencing unusual symptoms.

Also, we’re still integrating the March upgrades into to our bioenergetics. Not only were out-dated systems decomposing within, but my body began to purge out die-off. This type of internal transformation can be exhausting, as it draws on inner energy reserves to purge. Take time to rest if you need it. Most of last week I needed to lie down and breathe deeply throughout the day as the clearing moved through my body.

We are being transformed from the inside out! As the genetic code mutates and the cells crystallize, our physical being is merging with Soul Presence. We are ascending into higher consciousness that activates more of the divine blueprint for ONEness. As the Soul fills into the chakra pillar, it builds momentum and swirls into the auric field. We are building a concentrated unified field, pulsing with Soul magnetism. All that we need exists already within the unified field of all time/no time. Focus within, breathe deeply inside and birth alive your new Ascension life.

Lovingly, Meg

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