10 April 2016

Mehran T Keshe: Shifting the Balance of Power

Although I'm unable to determine from which workshop this 10-minute video clip was extracted, I certainly do appreciate Gordon Duff for posting it. If you've read the previous post from Gordon about Keshe, you would have seen this video. I'm pulling it out as a separate post.

This extract speaks volumes. With his GANS-powered technology, Keshe has created the potential to render inoperative the most advanced military weapons (and he has, as demonstrated via USS Donald Cook). Keshe was told by the major power players not to shift the balance of power, but shift the balance of power is exactly what he has in mind for years!

Please watch this demonstration and listen to Keshe's call to the superpowers here.

Updated: Might as well post the second video ~ "...the Bermuda Triangle of Plasma Technology..." ~ here it is.

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