26 April 2016

New Update: April 2016 ~ EM & Blue Solara ~ 25 April 2016

So many positive events unfolding! Sounds like we're finally, after eons of time, closing the various chapters of an age-old Cosmic saga and getting poised to participate in a New Creation! No wonder Mother Gaia was dancing....   :)

Source: The World Of Truth

New Update

  • Reconnect our universe with the tree of life of universes..
  • The third part which is the final part of healing the anomaly is completed “healing the corrupted code within the anomaly [the virus]...
  • The unknowable cells (the extra dark matters) in this universe had been withdrawn and absorbed...
  • The nightmare that was reflected by the Primary anomaly as a result of exposing some archangels to this anomaly has finished and contained...
  • The access to the unconditional love from the creatures that exist under quarantine has begun...
  • The second part of the scenario of creation has started to renew the infrastructure of universes & to renew the fabric of time and space for the holographic universes..
  • The process of healing and awakening the leaders of the dark forces in its peak..
  • The last barrier of launching the blue pulse which is “the unknowable cells - the extra dark matters “has removed...
  • The blue pulse is ready now to interact with the collective consciousness..
  • All the human beings on planet earth are under process to reconnect them with the manifestation law, to take them to their final destination, each group will go to its sub-timeline depends on its level of consciousness..
  • The war in the ethereal level is about to end,, and the sign of ending is about to appear in our sky..

Namaste' to all


  1. Dear Grace,

    Thank you so much for this report and for your info outlines of their video broadcasts. I have tried to watch them, but I cannot understand what is being said because of the accents and sometimes broken English. No judgement, just a fact and I am very grateful to them for putting out the video information. Many Blessings...

    1. Most welcome, ShaunieL :) I will admit it's quite a challenge but I'm more than glad to do it. Many find the information relevant and appreciate the notes. Blessings