29 April 2016

Passage to Extra-Ordinary: An Evolutionary Upgrade for Mankind ~ Excerpt ~ Judy Satori ~ 23 April 2016

Judy Satori has released this portion of her seminar and you can listen to it here. It's just 53-minutes in length, and has Light Energy Transmissions as usual. I listened to this excerpt after a very long day "outside" ~ which I seem to be having many of lately ~ and really enjoyed and appreciated it.

Judy recaps the Divine Plan to upgrade Humanity during this momentous Cosmic marker of its evolution, as told in her book "Sunshine Before the Dawn". Our 12-strand DNA endows Humans with the ability to live and exist in all 12 dimensions of the "lower heavens".

With 22 galaxies forming the diamond-shaped configuration, our Great Central Sun in the middle is emitting transformational energies to its Creation; these energies open time locks within our DNA, and 2016 is the year of our Graduation!!

These energies can only be transmitted when the Time is right, and Judy assures us that the Time is indeed right. It couldn't happen earlier than it happened to prevent a repeat of Atlantis. Consciousness must rise sufficiently first.

Judy also takes us through a connection with Amenti as well as the Magenta Pyramid visualisation of Peace/Love/Joy.

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  1. Yes , 2016 is the year... I dont see you cover any of the below channelers but they are all saying the same thing with a different perspective regarding year 2016..

    Brad Johnson-Adronis - Entering The 4th Density Earth in 2016

    Kryon "Recalibration Completion" 2016


    And offcourse Bashar , who said this in 2014 June... "Everything will change in fall of 2016"


    Hope you like it...