24 April 2016

Personal Update: 24 April 2016

Time Wheel

**Update: I just noticed that I had inadvertently published this before it was ready....
Apologies to those who read the unfinished and pre-proofread version.**

**Update2: Sigh....I forgot one more section, it's at the end.**

This will be long, so get your cuppa :)

The Dance
A couple of weeks ago, I had a visual that I later shared with a small group of friends. It wasn't anything spectacular or profound ~ in fact, it felt very personal to me. Now, a fortnight later, I'm posting it here on the blog.

As with most of my visions, they come while I'm meditating. Now and then, I do what I call a "sit with" meditation, where I literally sit with Mother Gaia or some other Being, depending on my inner guidance. On that occasion, I sat with Mother Gaia.

While in this type of meditation, I just feel the Being's energies, give Love and Gratitude, and remain this way until I come out of it, without any expectation of "something" happening. This time, "something" did happen.

In my vision, I was still in my meditation pose, next to the energies of Mother Gaia. Just a moment or two had passed, and an elegant, flowing female figure appeared in front of me. She was beautiful, like Love personified. (Please don't ask me to describe what she looked like, because it was more of an energetic impression than a HD image.)

This Being was a mere metre away from me. After I got over my initial surprise and had the presence of mind to remain in meditation, I understood that the Being was Mother Gaia, or rather, a representation in physical form of Mother Gaia.

She stretched out her hand, and I took it without the slightest hesitation, still in my meditation pose. She gently pulled me up, and began to sway in the most magical manner I can imagine. She danced with me, holding both my hands. She emanated great gaiety with each fluid step she took. I felt so free and happy!!

This went on for only a few more seconds before I came out of meditation. I wanted the vision to continue for as long as possible but it was ended, not by my own conscious choice. The feeling I felt while I saw the vision stayed with me for quite a few days thereafter. That experience was definitely one I cherished and appreciated.

As I mentioned previously, this felt very personal to me and I only told a few people about it. However, the following couple of days, three different family members separately told me something about "dance". Then a few days later (15 April), I had Maureen Moss' update titled "Last Dance". By that time, I had already felt the nudge, but still hadn't gotten around to posting it here. Then last night, I watched David Icke's eloquent tribute to Prince, which was delivered with just the right touch of passion. He ended his 20+-minute tribute with this famous quote:

"Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music."

Okay, got it, Team :) Thank you for your perseverance and patience :)  I guess the message is that the vision is not just meant for me only.

Time, Days, Date
You don't need me to point out the obvious that our sense of experiencing Time continues to accelerate :)

However, for some time now ~ pun unintended ~ I've not been able to easily keep track of dates. In fact, I hardly know what date it is anymore (even though I add dates to titles of posts, to indicate when that was originally published), which is a potential annoyance to the others that I have to interact with if a reference is made to dates. It doesn't bother me at all :)  I only know which day it is, and that's what I go with for myself nowadays. I could offer any of the number of possible reasons why this is to make myself feel that it's the right thing to do, but I won't. I'll just leave it at that.

The Releasing Continues....
Many of us (based on the personal emails I receive) have been on this journey for very many years. That means we've been releasing, releasing, releasing.....Sometimes it feels as if we've got nothing left to release, then some more stuff comes up for us to release. And worse still, sometimes the stuff we thought we had released shows up again in our faces, asking us to once again look at it at a deeper level so that we can release it properly and completely.

I've had something like that happen just a few days ago.

Throughout the many years since I was old enough to notice and understand better, I've accepted the fact that I was an "outsider" in my family, in school, in society. I've grown comfortable enough with this to enable myself to live my Life according to my own requirements, to dance to my own music (there's that reference to "dance" again!) instead of allowing it to force me to be someone else just to be accepted, or making myself uncomfortable just so that others can be comfortable.

I am who I am, and I don't make any apologies for this or try to be something or someone else. What I didn't bargain for is that I wasn't consciously aware that while I was comfortable being me, I actually had unknown and therefore unacknowledged regrets that my family members were not more like me! I hadn't for even one nano-second considered this other side of the coin ~ that I had unconscious feelings of wishing that others could be different so that I could feel compatible with them.

This totally unexpected realisation came to me while in meditation. I was happily chugging along with what was my usual "free form meditation", which is what I call just being in a meditative state with no particular intention. It came out of nowhere and I was totally unprepared for it! I knew I had to release it once I realised what it was. I acknowledged it, accepted that it was in my Life even though I wasn't aware of it, and let it go with Love and Blessings. It was a very emotional experience, and I was extremely grateful that it finally surfaced for me to heal and release.

I don't know if there are any others lurking deep in my consciousness that have to be released. I'm sharing this so that if you are faced with one more thing to release when you think you've done enough releasing for a thousand lifetimes (and we are.....), please don't fret. Just continue to release, release, release :)

Higher Selves Meditation
Sorry guys, I forgot this section.

Okay, this happened in meditation again. An image very much like the one at the top came to me (except that the Grace-me was in meditation pose, and not at all like the one at the bottom dimension in the image above). This was strange, because that's not anything at all like the images I use when I meditate. Higher Selves all nested together and merging in Oneness. It was such a powerful moment for me that I now use that image on a daily basis.

What also felt super-good for me is that just a few days later, I viewed Sandra Walter's Ascension Path video, and she talked about all our Higher Selves nested together like Russian Dolls!!

So I felt I needed to mention this, in case you feel inspired to use a similar image for your meditation.

Namaste to All! And please remember to ALWAYS....

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