03 April 2016

Planet Alert April 2016 ~ Mahala Gayle

Universe Today
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I need to stress that I have very little knowledge about Astrology (because sometimes readers write me with questions when I post something about it) although I post about it now and then.

There is quite a bit of useful information in this Planet Alert from Mahala Gayle, covering current developments from an Astrological perspective, as well as helpful suggestions on how to facilitate our progress (no comment about the Urine Therapy, though....).

There is one comment I have to make, however. I'm fully aware that over the years, several sources have made claims about various realms being completely cleared, or battalions of dark ones have been removed, or an entire negative race has surrendered, or something like that. If it were all true, we won't be in the position that we are still in now. Nevertheless, I still intend daily for positive outcomes. And you know, I do feel that the Astral realm has become "Lighter".

Source: Mahala's Astrology

March was one of the most intense months I have experienced in a long time. There were two eclipses, the Spring Equinox, two comets, and Easter. This equinox changed everything as far as I am concerned because it was the end of the war on the astral plane and that is a big deal. I experienced this final war on the dream plane and that is how I know it is over. This war has gone on for eons of time and it has finally come to an end.
This means that we definitely jumped out of 4D and now we need to anchor ourselves firmly in 5D. The final battle is now occurring on Earth. Everything happens on the Astral first and then it happens on Earth. It was shortly after the Spring Equinox that Brussels was attacked by terrorists. Incidentally, the March 23rd full moon was on 3 degrees Libra. This means that the moon was exactly over Brussels at the time the attack happened.

My compassion goes out to all those people who have gone through so much suffering. The chaos on Earth will get stronger as we move through the summer unless our loving thoughts change that energy. This chaotic energy will climax in either September or October 2016. Just a couple of days ago there was another attack in Pakistan. (Mars was over Pakistan at that time).

The battle that has waged for so long has been between two factors for control of the Earth. The dark ones just lost their control from the astral plane which is part of 4D. That density is where the good, the bad, and the ugly all exist. The light has now won on that density and it is now time for victory on the Earth plane. Many of us have gone back and forth between those two densities for a long time. Now it is time to stay in 5D energy.

The Bible talks about the fierce fighting God called Jehovah in the Old Testament. That is one side of the force and the other is represented by the feminine energy of love which is represented by the people who are part of the Emerald Covenant. Two emerald comets passed by Earth on March 21 – 22. This was a message to the people who belong to the Emerald Covenant that the war is over on the astral plane. The light has won and now it is time for light to rule on earth.

In the time of Jesus (Joshua) and Mary Magdalene there was a group of people called The Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire. The word Mary means healer and Magdalene means a whole group of people. A lot of people who now live on Earth are very familiar with this group. They are the great healers of our time. If you resonate with this information you were part of that group. This group actually started at the time of Hermes (Thoth) who wrote The Emerald Tablets thousands of years ago. Two emerald green comets just activated heart chakra energy. The heart chakra is emerald green on the outside and the inside is a beautiful bright pink. It is definitely time to ‘Think with your Heart ‘and it’s time to manifest this love on Earth.

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