02 April 2016

Sun ~ No More Sleeping ~ 1 April 2016

I don't plan these things consciously, I promise! My third Solar-themed post in a row....

I'll ramble on a bit first, but you can proceed to read this interesting article over at No More Sleeping.

About 4 years ago, I quite regularly listened to the radio shows from Hollow Earth Network. Although I have ceased to follow them for almost three years now (wow ~ has it been that long?), the information they gave out about Hollow Earth opened up a totally new vista for me. As to whether the information is true, I truly don't know ~ time alone will tell.

Anyway, one thing I learnt was that the Sun is not hot. If it were to be this smouldering giant ball of red-hot flames shooting outwards and incinerating everything that goes near it, Space would feel hot. But Space is cold. And dark.

What causes heat is the energy from the Sun reacting with the electro-magnetic field of a body (for example, Earth), creating friction.

I also embarked on some poking around the Internet to see what I could dig up, and came across some data that seem to support the fact that the Sun is not a massive fireball (Solar Beings and others live there, too).

If you are interested, here are some links to resources that I can remember:

 (video ~ short and simple explanation)

And now, for the post from No More Sleeping:

The sun is not a super-heated body; it is a cool body but highly magnetic.

Our heat is an earthly force contained in the body of the earth and in the atmosphere.

A natural law is: the nearer we get to a source of heat so we find the temperature rising but the nearer we get to the sun so we find the temperature falls – the reverse to natural laws; therefore, the sun is not the source of our heat, but, it comes from the earth.

The sun revolves on her axis and her poles oscillate, movements similar to those of the earth; therefore, the sun is governed by a superior sun. To be governed by a superior sun, our sun must be generating magnetic forces affinitive to the forces of the superior sun. To generate magnetic forces it is absolutely essential that she have an outside hard crust; to be hard it must be cold, otherwise it would turn into gases; gases cannot generate magnetic forces. To control her movements; namely, revolving on her axis and oscillating her poles our sun must have a storehouse for her forces. Solid cold elements are the storehouses of forces; thus again it is shown that the sun’s crust, like that of the earth, is solid and cold.

The temperatures assigned to the sun would turn her into a mass of gases in a few days.

The sun’s so-called flames travel at 400,000 miles per second; where does resistance of the sun’s atmosphere come in here?

Please read on....

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