13 April 2016

The Problem with "Trusting In The Universe" ~ Alexandria, Spirit Science ~ 11 April 2015

Thanks to Phoenix Is Risen, where I first saw this.

Source: Spirit Science 

One of the main concepts surrounding modern spirituality is the idea of letting go and trusting the universe. Many people preach it, many pictures quote it and many of us live by it.

This ideology can get a bit dangerous when it’s overused. There becomes an air of carefreeness in the typical ‘spiritual’ person that stems from the mentality of just trusting in the universe.

The idea of trusting in the universe is a double edged sword. One side says don’t try to control every single thing because you can’t, and the other side says don’t worry about it because you don’t need to – just trust the universe.

It is that other side of the sword that gives spirituality it’s taboo reputation and discredits people in the new age movement. You are the physical manifestation of the universe and you need to create the actions in your reality that generate the results you want.
To just trust in something greater than yourself and not take the steps to seeing its fruition is void of accountability.

The core issue with simply trusting in the universe is that it is void of accountability, responsibility and reflection. It is a mechanism of spiritual bypassing that disallows us from reflecting on why things happen. It stops our thought process when we ask why something happened, and answers it with because the universe said so.
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