22 April 2016

Time ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 21 April 2016

** Update: I forgot to mention that I think the "sign wave" referred to in the article is "sine wave".

This came via email, so I'll copy the whole article here. Andrew's website is Galactic Historian.

What is time? That's the first thing that will help us understand what the reality functionality is. Here, time is a social agreement, and if you have multiple time zones in the United States, multiple date, time zones around the world, multiple different calibers that define different versions of dates and times. You have multiple generations of different situations appear where time is simply that the humans on this part of the continent agree on this time, and humans on that part of the continent agree it's that time. So it is a strictly a social agreement that creates the facade of our reality. When, in fact, what time is, is a total potential sentience in a solar system.

You look at our sun, our sun represents the total potential sentience in the entire solar system, and that sun is revolving around a galactic central sun, and a galactic central sun has points in the grooves that if the sun is going around, that are very dense, and some are very light. So when you're in a very dense part of space, during your revolutions of the sun around the galactic central sun, the expression of sentience is very small, very tight and very thin.

When you go to the very openness of space the sentience rapidly expands. So currently we are in a point where half of our solar system is in the open expanse and the other half is coming out of a very dense area. So we are literally changing our experience of time. This is known as the experience of galactic time. The number of revolutions and grooves that you go through around the galactic central sun represent the experiential age of wealth. Now wealth is a human term that represents dollars, when, in fact, it has nothing to do with dollars. The older a soul gets, the more experiential wealth it has, and that is what is highly valued between solar systems, spiritual commerce of exchange, and that spiritual commerce of exchange comes down to the planetary level. Each and every planet in a solar system is a subcarrier wave of that total potential. So you have the sign wave of energy that's corkscrewing through space around the galactic central sun. That sign wave is the solar system. Within that sign wave is each individual subcarrier wave of each planet represented in its total potential, and then you add each planet up, that represents the total potential of that sun.

In between moments where our sun goes from one thick groove to one thin groove what happens is you have an experiential immigration pattern. That immigration pattern brings a whole new wave of sentience and expands that potential of that area.

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