14 April 2016

True World History: Free Webinar with Gordon Asher Davidson, Brien Forester, William Henry, Jamie Janover, Tricia McCannon ~ 7 May 2016

This sounds like a great introduction for our family and friends who still quietly believe we're in need of mental assistance. Here's the description:

We have been taught that our species evolved from a primitive state of being to a superior and more advanced one… that we have never been as technologically, physically and emotionally advanced as this moment in our evolution. Main stream scientists have painted a picture over generations of how we evolved from an ape like man into hunter gathers and then with the introduction of agriculture we began our advancement into the modern age.

What if this wasn't the entire picture? What if history has been written and rewritten by the victors and those who have maintained control for generations. The truth of our ancient past is more cosmic and mysterious than most may realize. For centuries this information has been spoken of within ancient scriptures, without any physical evidence entering the mainstream.

However... we are now discovering on an unprecedented level more information and evidence of who we are as a species and why we exist on this planet. Once our true world history comes out to the masses the entire fabric of our society will shift. It is time to make this shift and uncover the truth of humanity so we may rewrite the timeline and unveil evidence of our connection to the stars.


An exploration of the Earth's ancient origins and the mass cover up
Ancient Atlantis and Lemuria
What can we learn from our distant pass
Who and what were the advanced civilizations that walked this planet?
Ancient technology that surpasses what we have today
Quantum physics and the metaphysical connection
Esoteric Wisdom of the Ancients
The procession of the zodiac
The true date of ancient Egypt and the forgotten mystery schools
Matriarchal ancient civilizations and their role in the story of humanity
Extraterrestrial intelligence: past, present and future


Join us on 5/7/2016
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM PST

You can find more details here.

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