23 May 2016

A Small Fragment of Solara's May 2016 Surf Report

Source: The NVisible


May is when the wheels within wheels transform into a giant motor which propels us deeper into the New Ultra Greater Reality. This newly created motor doesn't just give us normal propulsion; it is an unique configuration which is exactly what is necessary to take us into the core essence of the New Reality. When this happens, we are given a bigger, clearer and much more detailed picture of our place in the New Reality.

During May, when the Wheels within Wheels move into their new rhythm, this sets into motion the bringing together of elements which belong together. New True Connections are made and existing True Connections are strengthened. As the resonance of True Connections magnifies and expands, more True Connections on innumerable levels will be magnetized to come in.

For several months we've had the intuitive knowingness that the momentum was building up for a monumental shift. This shift will happen in May. There will be many breakthroughs in the area of True Connections. The most important facet of this is our reconnection with our True, Authentic Selves. The Q'eros people of Peru say that we are in the Time of Pachacuti when we Return to Ourselves - to our True Authentic Selves. As this happens, it will enable us to more fully align with the New Reality.

May is the month that we've been waiting for. Many of us will emerge transformed from the transition zone which we've been traveling through since the beginning of the year while we made various levels of adjustments so we could more closely merge with the New Reality. We are going to be taking our first steps into entirely new territory. The energy of the New Reality will show us how to do this. We will place each step with a great sureness of purpose. Every step will be in complete alignment with our Heart's Knowingness and this will feel so good!

May is one of those life changing months for many of us in which we can truly say that nothing will ever be the same. Many elements are going to flip over in May. This will enable us to see what is real and what is false with ever greater clarity. Many of us will find ourselves merging with the New Reality like never before. This will bring us a profound and deeply comforting, sense of returning home to our True Selves.
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