10 May 2016

Circuit of the Heart ~ Matias de Stefano ~ 7 January 2016

Matias de Stefano explains (in English, yay!) the creation process and how creation sees itself through perspectives or external expressions. Borne out of Time-Space, Energy, Sound, Light, Frequency and Form, the creations branch out in the Tree of Life as it expands farther out, away from the point of Unity, where all knowledge and potential resides.

This expansion (Duality) takes creation all the way to the limit, to the point where the only way to proceed is to return back to Unity. This requires a recognition and integration of the two "branches" of Duality expression, forming a Trinity which then flows back to Unity.

Matias illustrates his teachings to show how creation and evolution really is a Circuit of the Heart, going through the various dimensions, with the "lower" realms being a symmetrical existence of the higher. This gives me a totally new meaning to "As above, so below."

Please watch Matias here as he takes you through his illustration ~ how he connects everything together is truly astounding and most enlightening.

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